The Project – A Catechism, Commentary, and Devotional

This site is intended to merge Keach’s Particular Baptist Catechism, excerpts from John Gill’s Exposition of the Old and New Testaments, and excerpts from Charles Spurgeon’s Treasury of David to create a single source which acts as a Catechism, Commentary, and Devotional.

Using Keach’s Catechism with Scripture references as a framework, each question’s scripture reference will be explained using excerpts from either Gill’s Exposition of the Bible, Spurgeon’s Treasury of David, or both when appropriate. These excerpts will not be contained in quotation marks or identified by italics because the entire work is a compilation of direction quotations. However, at the end of a particular section I will reference the author of the preceding section and link to the works cited page. Only three primary sources are cited in this project and those are Kindle versions linked in the works cited page.

The end result, Lord willing, will be a unique merging of three elements of personal devotion I have always felt inept at putting together myself. Namely, catechizing my children, providing meaningful devotional content for myself and my spouse, and teaching theologically sound exposition while reading Scripture.

Each catechism question will have it’s own downloadable .pdf file with a workpage for older children and a coloring page for younger children.

The Editor & Compiler – Jeremy J. Lundmark

It is impossible to call myself the “author” of the content of this project because the authors of all the original works are referenced throughout and listed below. The term editor doesn’t seem appropriate either, as very few, if any, actual edits have been made to the quotations from the original works. Certainly, minor edits have been made to help suit the formatting and flow of the project such as paragraph breaks, and bold typeset. However, to call those changes edits in a proper sense would not be accurate. Compiler seems most appropriate but doesn’t fully encapsulate the work that has gone into the project. So, I have settled on “Editor & Compiler.”

As to credentials, I can say I am a former pastor, published author, and that I have earned my Master’s of Ministry degree. However, this project has been birthed not out of any successes, but rather out of my failures. In all my efforts to attain those credentials, I never did quite figure out how to effectively bring them into my home. I have always struggled to bring the beauty and magnificence of Scripture to my own family in the same meaningful way it has reached me.

Family devotions has always been a struggle for us, and for me personally. It is not because I have lacked the desire to do it, but the resources to touch various aspects that, to me, make devotion meaningful. Modern devotionals have always seemed to me to be light on theology and exposition, and heavy on pragmatic pleasantries. They may serve the purpose of encouraging one who does not look to go deep into the Word, but they seem almost pointless to someone who has already cracked the surface level.

Catechisms, Commentaries, and Confessions have always met my personal desire for depth, but they have a certain dryness to them that is not conducive to a daily devotional approach. Younger children can not be expected, for example, to get excited about reading any single volume listed below. A catechism they may be inclined to memorize, but what will it mean to them?

With all these challenges, I have set out to compile a work that is devotional, theologically consistent, and which can be used to both deepen the faith of Christian couples and assist them in deepening the faith of their children.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the primary objects of this work: my family. My wife, Alison, of over 15 years who has witnessed these struggles and challenges more intimately than any other. Also, my children Alexander (12), Brionna (10), and Scarlett (6) who I wish to see know Christ and His Word as I have known and experienced them.

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